Holistic medicine in Vienna and areas around or near Vienna

Ayurveda Doc - Dr.Susheel Saini is your online doctor for holistic medicine in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

In our digital consulting room, we combine Ayurveda with conventional medicine, to provide the most optimized healthcare outcomes for you. You get quick and easy access to personalized medical advice, as well as your individual therapy plan.

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How can we support you?

In our online practice , through Ayurveda Doc, we discuss your case in a personal consultation. Considering your medical history and individual constitution, we then formulate a detailed therapy plan for you professionally , and advise you on the best ways to integrate this therapy plan into your individual lifestyle.

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Provision for your health and well-being

Icon Hilfe bei medizinischen Problemen

Relief of acute discomfort and chronic diseases

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Diet & Lifestyle

We will show you how you can positively influence your health and well-being in the long term by correctly modifying your diet and lifestyle.

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Ayurveda supports the treatment of many acute and chronic diseases. The spectrum ranges from gastrointestinal complaints to long-COVID syndrome.

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Our range of therapies in the field of paediatrics extends from remedies for allergies and respiratory diseases, to treatment plans addressing learning and concentration difficulties.

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Women’s Healthcare

Gynecological concerns, especially menstrual cramps, PMS and pregnancy-related pain can be treated, with excellent outcomes , with a holistic approach.

Holistic medicine

For your well-being

As a trained specialist in general medicine with a focus on paediatrics, I pursue a holistic therapeutic approach. Inspired by my Indian ancestors, I completed an Ayurveda master's degree and today combine the advantages of Ayurvedic medicine with those of Western medicine, to offer the best of all sciences. I would be happy to help you too. Make an appointment with us today.

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Dr. med. univ. Susheel Saini

Behind Ayurveda Doc is the trained general practitioner and specialist in paediatrics and youth medicine ,Dr. Susheel Saini together with his team.

About us

Medical advice - wherever you are.

I offer online counseling for the entire German-speaking area. All you need is a working computer with an internet and telephone connection, and a little time.And this is how it works.

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What makes us unique? We listen, ask questions and advise you in detail, comprehensively.

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Therapy plan


After our consultation, you will receive an individual therapy plan in PDF format.

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We keep in touch. You can also easily book your follow-up appointment online.