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Ayurveda cooking courses in Vienna and the surrounding area

Healthy and vital with the right diet


A healthy, type-appropriate diet has a decisive effect on our well-being. In my Ayurveda cooking courses, I will show you how to determine your nutritional type and cook creative and simple dishes with you for health-conscious connoisseurs.


Women’s Healthcare

Recipes for each dosha type


In Ayurvedic nutritional science, the choice of food depends on the respective dosha type, i.e. depending on the constitution, sweet or sour, bitter or hot foods should be eaten more. Therefore, the recipes in my cooking courses are individually tailored to the participants and constantly varied. With a lot of love and creativity, we cook everyday dishes as well as Ayurveda gourmet menus, Ayurvedic children's dishes and seasonal highlights. We use high-quality regional raw materials as the basis for this.


Cooking Class Appointments

Contact me to inquire about the current cooking course dates! The courses are offered all year round and organized through my practice in Vienna and the surrounding area. I would be happy to welcome you soon! Your Ayurveda Doc for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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