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Ayurveda consultation

Ayurveda Doc stands for contemporary and holistic advice. I currently offer my Ayurveda consultations exclusively in my online practice. Practice rooms in Vienna will soon be added. Here are details of how our consultations work.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Wie funktioniert der Ablauf bei Ayurveda Doc?

Ayurvedic consultation process at Ayurveda Doc

The aim of the consultation is to identify the causes of your symptoms in order to develop a therapy and treatment plan that is individually tailored to your needs and medical history.

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1. Before the consultation

After making an appointment, you will receive a questionnaire to collect your personal medical history. Please fill this out and return it no later than three days before the consultation.


Make sure you take the time to fill it out and describe your complaints and problems in detail. Provide any previous medical records, previous diagnoses, and list any current medications.

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2. The anamnesis or case history

In order to ensure a comprehensive anamnesis, I will address the following points, depending on the issue, previous illnesses and symptoms:


Existing medical findings

Analysis of the causes of complaints

Chronic pre-existing conditions

Physical complaints

Existing medications

Lifestyle and habits

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After the analysis of the anamnesis, the therapeutic approach is discussed in a conversation. This can include the use of medicinal herbs and oils as well as recommendations for changing individual habits - diet, sleep, exercise, lifestyle.


You will then receive your individual therapy plan in electronic form by email.

Online consultation

Many illnesses and complaints can now also be clarified online, especially if the symptoms are not acute or even life-threatening. In this case, please contact the nearest hospital. If you need a second opinion or want a consultation as soon as possible, online treatment is often the best way. Due to their flexibility and geographical independence, online consultations can be perfectly integrated into modern everyday life. In this way, we are also able to advise our patients who live outside of Austria, Germany or Switzerland. The consultation times can be found in the appointment calendar. Here you can easily and conveniently arrange your appointment with us.

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Personal advice

The personal consultations are offered in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, as well as worldwide. The focus is always on advice that is tailored to you personally.


We are currently working on opening anvgģ office for you in Vienna. But if you need it, I'll be happy to come to visit you at home or at work. You can find out more about this under Appointment booking

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Follow-up appointment

In a follow-up meeting you can discuss the success of the therapy so far, ask further questions and talk to Dr. Susheel Saini about the time that has passed since the Ayurveda consultation.

If new complaints have arisen in the meantime, these will also be discussed. If your physical status is re-evaluated, the therapy may be adjusted under certain circumstances.

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Is an Ayurvedic consultation right for me?

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We accompany you on your way to a holistic, respectful, sensitive and professional treatment that supports you in alleviating your symptoms.

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We are your competent contacts for trusting and individual treatment. A consultation that will help you to restore your own mental and physical balance.

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You have come to the right place if you are looking for an expert who combines Western medicine and Ayurvedic therapy in a holistic, modern approach.

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We are there for you if you have the feeling that essential aspects of your state of health have not yet been taken into account.

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We are your ideal contacts if you would like to learn more about preventive healthcare and disease prevention and how you can incorporate these points into your life.

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We will show you the way if you want to improve your quality of life and productivity and if you want to eat healthier and more balanced.

Is this safe

The video consultation is end-to-end encrypted.

The interview is confidential and the documentation is kept separately on our secure practice server.

You can find more information in our data protection declaration.