Dr. Susheel Saini

Ayurveda Doc

I am a trained specialist in general medicine as well as in paediatrics and youth medicine with many years of practical experience. In addition, because of my Indian ancestors, it was natural for me to recognize the advantages of Ayurvedic medicine as a complement to Western medicine.


The Ayurveda master's degree and stays in India thus form the symbiotic complement to my conviction that both worlds in combination form the best for a modern path to physical, mental and spiritual health.

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„Health and well-being come from physical, mental and spiritual balance. We only feel good when these three levels are in balance. Physical, i.e. physical, processes such as metabolism, hormone balance, our cardiovascular system and digestion are only part of the way to our holistic well-being.


Our mental and spiritual balance is reflected in our individual inner state of happiness and harmony. For me, the priority is to accompany my patients on their way to this balance.

Your practice for holistic medicine.

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Through the interaction of Ayurveda with conventional medicine, Ayurveda Doc is able to offer patients a tailor-made therapy and holistic treatment offer that takes into account the mental and physical condition of the patient.

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Ayurvedic medicine is a useful supplement to conventional medicine in order to maintain the inner balance between body, mind and soul and to help with chronic pain and physical and mental illnesses.

A family business

Ayurveda Doc is a family business run by Dr. Susheel Saini is run with a lot of passion and love. The best of all worlds is combined here.

Dr. Susheel Saini benefits with support from his parents and family, who are very familiar with Indian cuisine and the many spices that play a major role in Ayurveda. One sister is a sports teacher, the other a dentist, and the brother a general surgeon. The brother-in-law is an internist. A team with a lot of expertise, understanding for people with different clinical pictures and complaints as well as empathy and charity. Cohesion and sincere honesty as well as cordiality and sincerity, characterize this family


The aim of Ayurveda Doc is to give all patients the opportunity to influence their own health and thus develop a high quality of life in the long term and through balance. This is possible in individual consultation appointments or at our seminars.


since the end of 2021

- Kiz-Augarten, children's outpatient clinic - Vienna
- Specialist in paediatrics and youth medicine

Ayurveda Doc

September 2021

- Start of the heart project AyurvedaDoc

2021 - 2022

- LKH Murtal/Stolzalpe

- Assistant doctor in orthopaedics

- Diploma in pediatric medicine


Specialist examination 10/2020


2017 - 2021

St Bernward Hospital

Assistant doctor in paediatrics

St. Bernward Hospital

2016 - 2022

Ayurveda master's degree at the Rosenberg Academy

2016 - 2017

Medical Center Gänserndorf

General Practitioner


Pediatrics and youth medicine – LK St. Pölten

Resident pediatrician

Working for Doctors Without Borders in the Ukraine / Lugansk and for refugee aid in Traiskirchen

Doctors without Borders

2011 - 2014

- Regular training for deaconesses in the Schladming Clinic, Styria

- Training as a general practitioner, including 4 months in the children's practice Dr. Mossier


2003 - 2011

- Study of human medicine - degree Dr. medical university

- including 3 years of caring for a paraplegic as a personal assistant on the basis of a work contract

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You can take advantage of our online consultation service at any time. Consultation appointments in person in Vienna will soon be possible.


Use the option of booking an appointment online. For urgent inquiries you can also email us at office@ayurvedadoc.com.