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Diet & Lifestyle

Life according to the Ayurveda principle


Many lifestyle diseases can be effectively prevented simply by changing eating habits and lifestyle. I advise you with regard to a type-appropriate diet and give you comprehensive relevant advice for a healthier life.

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Type-appropriate nutrition

I will put together an individual nutrition plan for you based on Ayurveda and explain what you can do to improve your digestive function.


Disease prevention

Strengthening the immune system improves our general condition and prevents numerous diseases.

Gesundheit & Vorsorge

Health & Prevention

I give you tips for a healthier lifestyle based on Ayurvedic teachings.



In my practice you will learn how to strengthen your microbiome and thereby improve your state of health.



Learning mindfulness means training self-awareness and looking at things neutrally.



Meditation relieves tension and stress and reduces susceptibility to depression, sleep disorders and burnout.



I introduce you to yoga and its immediate benefits for your health and well-being.



The natural aging process can be slowed down with the help of certain herbal mixtures, ointments and creams.

In harmony with soul, spirit and body

Individual advice and tips for your well-being


I give you individual advice and tips for a healthier life in harmony with your own body. Contact me to arrange a non-binding consultation appointment in my online practice in Vienna and the surrounding area!

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