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Ayurveda workshops in Vienna and the surrounding area

Healthy at work and in your free time


As an Ayurveda therapist and doctor, I offer workshops and training courses for private individuals, entrepreneurs and employees. The focus is on encouraging awareness, education and advocacy for health


Women’s Healthcare

Balanced and vital thanks to Ayurveda


In my Ayurveda workshops I give you initiatives and suggestions for a healthy, balanced life in self-determination. It's about expanding your own horizons, rediscovering potential and getting a new perspective on your health. Naturally,  interactions with like-minded people are included, because it is well known that it is better to learn together than alone.


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Discover the fascinating world of Ayurveda with me and register for a workshop! As your Ayurveda doctor in Vienna and the surrounding area, I will provide you with first-hand knowledge and guide you with many valuable tips for a healthier life in harmony with yourself and your body.

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